Double Double Deluxe Guestroom

Hotel Monaco San Francisco: Discover Another World

Each Kimpton hotel has a distinct personality and a soul of its own-a story. The stories are varied and colorful; wine, art, literature, well-being, food and architecture to name a few. Each unique story promises you adventure, inspiration, and delightful surprises while offering the familiarity and style of the Kimpton Hotels brand.

The story of Hotel Monaco San Francisco is World Travel.

From the moment you cross the threshold, you'll enter a world of dramatic architecture, vibrant style and gracious hospitality, reminiscent of a time when world travel had an air of epic wonder. Our unique hotel evokes that timeless feeling of discovery and our friendly staff attends to every detail to make your stay one to remember.

Hotel Monaco San Francisco embodies the vision of our founder, Bill Kimpton. From his own adventures traveling the globe, he created Kimpton Hotels to offer guests a comfortable, welcoming and unique hotel experience. Hotel Monaco is his flagship hotel in San Francisco. During your stay, make sure to notice the "Tree of Life" sculpture in our lobby. Created by well-known Bay Area artist, Albert Guibara, it's a tribute to the life and loves of Bill. Many symbols of his passions are woven into the sculpture including sports, wine, fine cigars, good books and most of all travel. After all, discovery is timeless and so is Hotel Monaco San Francisco.